Back to Basics – Week 2, Part 2

It’s been awhile since I posted content created from Noah Bradley’s Art Camp’s Week 2 work. The second part of the week required full-colour paintings of imaginary scenes/characters. This, on top of the previous exercises, is to help increase your imaginative idea generation, as well as hone one’s skills on colour.

A bit of a hit-and-miss with them. but hey! All part of the learning process 🙂

Art-Camp_Week-2_Imagined-Full-Colour-Sketch 01 Art-Camp_Week-2_Imagined-Full-Colour-Sketch 02 Art-Camp_Week-2_Imagined-Full-Colour-Sketch 03a Art-Camp_Week-2_Imagined-Full-Colour-Sketch 04a Art-Camp_Week-2_Imagined-Full-Colour-Sketch-05a Art-Camp_Week-2_Imagined-Full-Colour-Sketch-06a_bw Art-Camp_Week-2_Imagined-Full-Colour-Sketch-07a


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